The Voice of Multi-Employer Plan Interests in Canada


The Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Council of Canada

2017 Montreal Conference

9th Annual World Pension Alliance Conference held in Montreal hosted by MEBCO in cooperation with the AEIP and NCCMP. Click here to learn more.

MEBCO was established in 1992 as a federal no-share capital corporation, operating on a not-for-profit basis. MEBCO represents the interests of Canadian multi-employer pension and benefits plans with provincial and federal governments regarding proposed or existing legislation and policies affecting these plans.

Our Board of Directors serve MEBCO on a volunteer basis, and are responsible for identifying issues that impact multi-employer plans, developing a strategy to address those issues, and then carrying out this strategy. They are elected representatives from all persons and disciplines involved in multi-employer plans, including union and employer trustees, professional third party administrators, non profit or "in-house" plan administrators, actuaries, benefit consultants, lawyers, and chartered accountants.

We carry out our mandate in a number of ways:

  • By advocating our position on behalf of multi-employer plans before administrative tribunals, provincial and federal governments, and their agencies.
  • By intervening and participating in proceedings before courts or other judicial bodies.
  • By preparing and presenting reports, studies, and submissions on matters of importance to our members.

For more information on multi-employer plans ("MEPs"), click on the links below.

Joining MEBCO

Five reasons why your MEBCO membership is critical
Your MEBCO membership guarantees that multi-employer plan interests will be considered whenever change is on the horizon. With your support, MEBCO will continue to be a strong and effective voice. Join today!
  1. The threat to multi-employer plans is real.
    The legislative framework is constantly changing, and cost-management and cost reduction are at the top of every agenda.
  2. Legislative changes can be significant.
    Recent proposed changes have threatened to offload costs onto plans, restrict plan coverage, and have compromised the viability of some plans
  3. Multi-employer plans are worth protecting.
    Multi-employer plans play a vital role in providing health services and retirement plans to over 1 million workers and their families in industries typified by small companies and a mobile work force.
  4. Multi-employer plans need a united lobby.
    Multi-employer plans carry a low profile due to the fact that the coverage is thinly spread over many employer groups and mobile workers.
  5. MEBCO is committed to protecting your interests.
    When governments propose changes, MEBCO is the single, clear voice at the table representing the unique interests of multi-employer plans.