Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Council of Canada


Benefits of Membership

  • MEBCO represents the interests of multi-employer plans of which there are approximately 400 in Canada.
  • These plans have a membership of over one million workers and family members.
  • Annual contributions to these pension and benefit plans exceeds $2 billion.
  • Combined, these multi-employer plans cover well over one million workers and their families, in industries as diverse as construction, retail trade, entertainment, food, transportation, garment manufacturing and textiles.
  • Multi-employer plans in Canada are a unique labour and management response for meeting the needs of workers and their dependants. This role should be recognized, preserved and encouraged.
  • Multi-employer plans are the predominant form of benefit arrangement in the unionized sector in the above-mentioned industries.
  • Multi-employer plans fulfill a vital social objective of providing necessary health and related benefits that are not otherwise available under Canada’s public health care system, as well as providing pension benefits.


MEBCO’s Value Proposition:

  1. The Threat to Multi-Employer Plans is real. - The legislative framework is constantly changing, and cost-management and cost reduction are at the top of every agenda.
  2. Legislative Changes can be Significant. – Recent proposed changes have threatened to offload costs onto plans, restrict plan coverage, and have compromised the viability of some plans.
  3. Multi-Employer Plans are Worth Protecting. – These plans play a vital role in providing health services and retirement plans to over one million workers and their families in industries typified by small companies and a mobile work force.
  4. Multi-employer Plans Need a United Lobby. – They carry a low profile due to the fact that the coverage is thinly spread over many employer groups and mobile workers. MEBCO identifies and uses its resources to lobby on important issues.
  5. MEBCO is committed to Protecting Multi-Employer Plan Interests. – When governments propose change, MEBCO is the single and clear expert voice at the table representing the unique interests of multi-employer plans. MEBCO’s objectives are long term in managing change in pension and benefit taxation and legislation.


The expert voice of multi-empoyer benefits interests in Canada

The expert voice of multi-employer benefit interests in Canada.

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