Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Council of Canada

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Alex McKinnon
United Steelworkers
Vice President
Michael Mazzuca
Koskie Minsky LLP
Joan S. Tanaka
Prudent Benefits Administration Services Inc.
Susan Bird
J. J. McAteer & Associates Incorporated

Board Members

David D’Agostini
Labourers' Pension Fund of Central and Eastern Canada
Robert Blakely
Blakely & Dushenski
Tom Cardinal
Carpenters District Council of Ontario
Tony Fanelli
Construction Labour Relations Association of Ontario
Shawn Haggerty
UFCW Local 175
Hugh Hart
BPA Group
Cameron Hunter
Eckler Partners Ltd.
Ron Johnson
ISCA Ontario
Alex Lolua
Electrical Power Systems Contractor Association (EPSCA)
Joe Maloney
Boilermaker National Pension and Benefit Plans Canada
Sid Matthews
LPF Western Canada
Lyall Nash
TESTCO Western Corp

Advisory Directors

Greg Heise
Partner, George & Bell Consulting
Cameron McNeill
Segal Consulting
Riley St. Jacques
PBI Actuarial
Sean Strickland
Canada’s Building Trades Unions

Honorary Directors

William Anderson

Tom Levy